Meet & Greet with Tutors

Twenty four tutors and thirteen students make up the Executive Master in Food Design course I’m starting. This morning we met most of the tutors in the college. There was a jovial atmosphere as the tutors introduced themselves briefly. One tutor joked about her class having full attendance thanks to the food and wine consumption! I got to meet my fellow students, some for the first time. There were eleven of us present today and there are another two due to join us. So far we’re from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Ireland (myself) and China.


Our tutors come from backgrounds as diverse and obscure as sociology and philosophy, not necessarily what springs to mind when one thinks of food design! It seems that we’ll be delving deep into all aspects of food and the culture that surrounds it. The head of sculpture was present this morning and spoke a little about how he’ll be helping us with projects in ceramics which sounded cool. I love working with my hands and did a brief cast-making module in NCAD which I thoroughly enjoyed. After this morning, meeting so many talented and friendly people, I’m eager to get started.

meet_tutorsTomorrow morning we’re off to a flea market in Place du Jeu de Balle to begin our first assignment.

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