Food Styling

For our final Food Styling class (and exam), I collaborated with my peer Lyse to make a pretty pancake stack, utilising the techniques we’d been learning from our food stylist tutor. Lyse did her undergrad in object styling before the masters in Food Design and she has a real flair for food styling so I was delighted to be working with her!

Photo by Lyse Lecrit


It’s amazing how long it takes to get a pancake stack looking satisfactorily styled for photographing! We pinned the blueberries one by one and inserted supports between each pancake to make sure it was structurally sound. It is painstaking but it’s fun. When we finished adjusting the last sliver of almond and drizzle of syrup, we stood back, took a breath and felt a sense of pride. I find collaborating with other creatives very rewarding, I’d never have achieved the same result by myself. Our tutor liked the final result, he reckoned our props were well-sourced but reckoned that the pear could have been firmer. We’d caramelised it a bit too early, before the other elements were ready to assemble. Timing is very important with food styling. It’s common to undercook food when styling it for a photograph.

Photo by Lyse Lecrit

The best thing about our food styling exam? We got to eat the pancakes afterwards and we got to taste some incredible chocolate fondants by Adelaïde and Romane. They were one of the most decadently chocolate creations I’ve ever tasted. I used this Nigella Lawson recipe, in case anyone’s mouth is watering!

Photo by Lyse Lecrit

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