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I’m Kirstyn, I work in the European Food Information Council in Brussels, having just graduated from a masters in Food Design. I’m originally from Dublin, where I worked as a graphic designer here.

While studying design in NCAD, I spent a semester in Geneva where I discovered a passion for cooking. Food was verrry expensive to buy in a cafe/restaurant, so we made everything from scratch! I made friends with people from Venezuela, Canada, Japan etc. and was introduced to cuisines from all over the world.

For my degree show, I designed a campaign all about healthy eating, aimed at college students. I set up an Instagram account to encourage students to make healthy food and the account has grown and developed with me.

I continue to photograph my food until it goes cold,  much to the amusement of friends and family! At least I have a real excuse now—I’m doing a Masters in it!

You can get in touch with me via kirstynbyrne@gmail.com

I’m also on Instagram as: thefooddesigner

My Philosophy

The only food I have given up completely is meat. On occasion I still eat egg, fish and dairy. I try to minimise my consumption of animal products because I believe it is healthier for me and healthier for the planet.

I think vegan food is the future because it’s sustainable and it’s healthy. I also believe that the way to encourage others to try vegan food is to show them that it tastes nice and it makes you feel good. My body and my conscience feel healthy eating a plant-based diet.

Surely it’s more important and effective to show people the positives of a plant-based diet than it is to guilt trip them with shocking videos of animal suffering?

That’s my philosophy; to encourage people to eat plants for the benefits, rather than to discourage them from eating animal products with shock tactics. I love to bake treats without animal products, and if people pay a compliment, I tell them ‘it’s vegan’.

Of course it takes effort to be vegan because animal-based foods are a societal norm. I never loved the taste of meat the way other people seem to and I’d been eating less meat for years before I gave it up completely. I also researched vegan nutrition thoroughly to make sure I was supplementing any vitamins I needed (primarily B12). The best way for me to explain why I no longer eat meat is because I know too much about the food industry. I am not here to lecture others about what choices they should make. I prefer to do my own thing and hopefully inspire people around me to eat more plant foods!

I hope people can relate to me, given that I’m not ‘extreme’ in my dietary choices. I’m lenient. On a final note, I respect the choices of others when it comes to food and I expect them to respect mine. I don’t ask people why they eat X, Y, Z. I simply accept it. ‘Live and let live.’ Lets be tolerant!


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